GoOut London, the go-to App for offers, discounts and the very best London has to offer. Download the App and start your own story today.

Search GoOut London
GoOut London, the go-to App for offers, discounts and the very best London has to offer. Download the App and start your own story today.

Search GoOut London
GoOut London, the go-to App for offers, discounts and the very best London has to offer. Download the App and start your own story today.

Search GoOut London

Great Features

GoOut London App has many great features to make it easy for you to find venues that you are going to love, in just a few seconds.

With over 7,000 venues you have the widest possible choice of the best London has to offer, fantastic restaurants, great bars and brilliant clubs, it’s all here at your fingertips, for you to explore and if you are not sure and want some inspiration, we can help with that too.

GoOut london, one app that does more than any other

I want to find a restaurant, a bar, a club, I want to see reviews, comments & likes, I want useful information about the venue like, venue descriptions, pictures, amenities, menu’s, special offers, discounts, prices etc to help me decide quickly what is right for me, I want to know how to get there, I want to be able to book a cab to get there and for when I leave, I want to see what’s near me and what’s further afield, I want to see great offers and promotions, I want to be able to select specific things that I want the venue to have, I am stuck and don’t know what I want, inspire me, I want to share the venue I have found with friends or family. I want to be able to make a booking. I want to do all these things and more.

Over 7,000 restaurants, bars & clubs all in one app

With over 7,000 venues and growing each day you have a massive choice, but searching through thousands of venues to find the perfect venue is not going to work. 

So we made it easy for you to find exactly what you want in just a few seconds and if you don’t know want you want and want some inspiration we can help with that too.

After selecting what is important to you, the venues ‘must have’s’, you get a shortlist of matching venues to browse. Useful summary information about each venue makes it easy and quick to pick out the standout venues for you to explore further.

great features & Looks great, feels great, works great!

Easy to use, attractive, works brilliantly, gets you what you want quickly, even if your not sure what you want yet, this is the GoOut London App.

There are no ads, popups or other annoying elements often found on other Apps. We have tried to make using our App, enjoyable useful and fun and of course it is FREE.

Packed with some great features like our top 10 lists a fun way to be inspired and find  new exciting venues to try. We have over 100 top 10’s already so, there’s something for everybody and we would love to hear from you if you have a new idea for a list we don’t have there’s a great chance you’ll see it on the App very soon, we are adding new ones all the time.

The App that makes finding great offers & promotions easy

One of the really great features of the GoOut London App is the map function. After making your venue preferences and generating your short-list of matching venues to choose from, click on the map icon at the bottom of the screen to see your short-listed venues come to life on the map.  

The use of a coloured pin system makes viewing and choosing venues, easy and quick. Silver pins identify venues that have a customer approval rating of over 90% and venues with the best current offers and promotions are marked by Gold pins, so, its all super easy to find what you are looking for.

Click a Gold pin to see the offer or promotion that may tempt you through their doors.  

Everything you need to know to get the very best from our GoOut London App

At any time you need a helping hand then you can click on any of the ‘Show Me’ buttons and see a short video demonstration to see exactly how that section of our App works.

Getting Started

Welcome to your GoOut London App, we think you will love it! When the App opens click the ‘Get Started’ button, add your mobile number, view the terms and tick the agree terms of use box, a few seconds later you will receive a code by SMS to unlock the App so you can start using it.

As a new user just add your name and email address to enable personalisation of venue offers & promotions and open all the features that make using the App even more enjoyable and rewarding.

We also give you the choice of joining our Facebook group, so you can see interesting articles added by venues, get exclusive offers, promotions and invites to exclusive events & demos, VIP passes to clubs and see what other GoOut London App users are recommending and lots more.

Start here

Finding your perfect venue starts at the home screen by selecting the sort of venue you want from either Night Clubs, Bars or Restaurants.

Our highly recommended venue slider (top of the screen) shows venues nearby with a customer rating of 90%+, so you can be sure they are going  to be great places to visit. Click a venue to learn more.

In settings you can filter the types of venues shown in the slider and can set how far you want to travel to get to a venue.

Rather than just venues nearby, if you want to see venues at a particular location that you intend to visit, that’s easy too, click location at the top of the screen and enter a new location.

The bell icon shows notifications such as offers and promotions nearby, just click on the bell to view.

Quickly find exactly what you want

We’ve designed what we believe is a great App for you and with over 7,000 venues, you have a huge choice of the very best London has to offer. Now we know 7,000 venues is a lot to explore so we have made it super easy and quick for you to find what you want.

Starting at the home screen, after deciding on the type of venue you want, you can then decide exactly what you want from your venue using the preferences screen. 

Here you can select from a variety of options – price, minimum ratings, music types (clubs), cuisine (restaurants), amenities and many more options that will help get you create a shortlist of venues matching your exacting requirements.  

Your Shortlist

Having decided what’s important to you in your choice of venue, you will see a shortlist of matching venues. 

The venues are displayed in a list showing summary information about each venue so you can quickly decide which of the venues from your shortlist are worth a closer look. 

Each venue shows ratings, likes, comments, opening hours, promotions & offers. Click on a venue to find out more.

If you are looking for inspiration, then click on the settings icon to see our top 10 lists, here you will see some great top 10 lists that will help you find what you are looking for.

Looks good show me more

Click on a venue in your shortlist for more information to help you decide if it’s the right venue for you. 

Look at pictures and descriptions, find out what others think by viewing customer ratings, likes and comments and learn about what special offers a venue has. See opening hours, browse menus, find out the music played there (clubs & bars) and much more.

See how to get there on the GoOut London App map (arrow right of the address), or by public transport or if a cab is nearby (within 10 min of you) you can book a cab direct to the venue and get there in style. You will be shown the cost and the travel time to get there to help you decide.

You also have the option to share the venue with friends and rate, like or comment on venues you visit.

See what is near by

Your shortlist can also be viewed on a map by clicking the map icon at the bottom of the screen, this opens some other useful features to make finding that perfect venue even easier. 

When you look on the map you will see venues represented by purple, silver and gold coloured marker pins. Silver – Highly recommended venues with a customer experience rating of over 90%. Gold – Venues with special offers, you can see what the venue is offering by clicking on the venues Gold marker pin.

Below the map there is a slider containing your shortlist of venues. As well as showing ratings for venues, as you scroll through the list of venues you will see them highlighted on the map.

The settings (top right) open other options, such as changing your preferences, switching venue types, or setting how far you want to walk/travel to a venue you choose. And if you are still stuck you can get inspiration from any of our many top 10 lists.  

Help Us Improve Our App

Our aim is to make the GoOut London App your go to App for special offers, discounts or promotions and for finding great venues for your best nights out.

In order to give you the best possible user experience we are working to make sure:

  • It is super easy to use 
  • It works and delivers
  • It looks good  

The form on the right gives you the chance to tell us how well we are doing and what else we can do to make it better. Tell us what ideas you have, new features you would like to see or if something does not work so we can fix it.

The App has no annoying ads or popups, we don’t ask anything from you, just that you use and enjoy it.

We would like to take the opportunity to mention our sponsor London Carriages who have made developing this App possible, they are the newest best value cab App around right now, so if at anytime you need a taxi to get to or from a venue then why not give them ago, they’re great!

The App will always be free and we will listen to what you say to make it the best it can be.

Thank you
The GoOut London Team

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